MN- “Silt Fence”

Silt fence is a product for the prevention of soil erosion and sediment control around construction sites and landscape modification areas. We offer a 3’ tall x 100’ long continuous roll of woven PP (polypropylene) strand mesh, with 11 hardwood stakes attached at equally spaced distances. We stock a “yellow” striped version which has a 70 gram per square meter weight, with an 8 x 8 strand weave to the material. This translates to a 10 sieve opening size, that permits a 30 gal/min/ft flow rate when properly installed. This product will meet most standard silt fence requirements in North America. Our yellow stripe silt fence is also UV resistant with a rating of 80% at 500 hours.


The T-Cap is designed to simplify the installation of our fence products when using steel posts. Once the steel posts are inserted into their position, a cap is installed on top of each T post so the top edge of the fence can be slipped into the “lip” on each T cap. This allows for one person installation of the fence, and secures the fence to the post while the remainder of the fence is secured with cable ties or “zip” ties. The T cap also reduces the risk of a person injuring themselves on the top of the T post from sharp edges. T caps are packaged in cartons of 200 pieces and available in green, black and bright orange.

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