Tree protection – MN-L37

Tree protection – MN-L37

Titan Trailer

Barrier Debris Mesh

Oil tank sheets

Oil tank sheets

At MasterNet we manufacture a wide range of industrial and commercial mesh options to meet a growing list of requirements. The majority of our product lines are manufactured from several versions of PE resin.

One of our most popular types of industrial mesh is our MN-L30 series of mesh products. This is a general listing of the most popular sizes:

Dimensions MN-L30 MN-L33 MN-L34 MN-L36 MN-L37
Opening mm 7/7 mm 9/9 mm 22/22 mm 4/4 mm 13/13 mm
Roll width cm 124.5 cm 124.5 cm 121 cm 124.5 cm 125.5 cm
Roll width in 49" 49" 47.6" 49" 49"
Roll length, meter 30.5m 30.5 m 30.5m 30.5m 30.5m
Roll length, feet 100' 100' 100' 100' 100'
Roll weight kg 22.4 kg 21 kg 19.0 kg 20.4 kg 32.5 kg
Roll weight, lb 49.4 lb 46.25 lb 41.9 lb 45 lb 71.6 lb
Roll/skid 9 9 9 9 5
Roll diameter 14" 14" 14" 13" 16"


Similar to the MN-L30 series mesh is a number of other mesh lines: MN-L1 (thick and heavy), MN-E1809 (thicker than the MN-L30 products), MN-L10 (utility pole warning wrap) to name a few. If you have a need for a specific application, contact us directly and we can work with you to supply or possibly modify an existing product to fulfill your needs.

Most of our products are produced in roll form, but we can also create specific sheet sizes with minimum volume requirements. Most of our products are produced from 24” to 72” wide and to just about any length.

A partial list of applications for some of our industrial mesh products are:

  • Tree protection
  • Industrial tank protection
  • Automotive component covers
  • Plumbing component dividers
  • Aquatic floating island scrims
  • Truck box covers
  • Safety and Fall protection
  • Wildlife protection
  • Ground protection
  • Blasting barriers
  • Resin infusion applications
  • And many more.

For additional information regarding an existing product or new idea, contact us directly and we’ll work with you to create a product that will satisfy your needs.