Industrial Paver Net

MasterNet has been manufacturing net in roll and sheet form for the paver industry for over 10 years.

We have continued to make changes based on feedback for various thicknesses and widths to meet a wide range of manufacturers’ demands. We now produce the net in roll form, and cut to size sheet for numerous facilities across North America.

We produce our paver brick net from PE resin, for better grip and stability during handling and shipping. This allows for the most cost efficient and durable product that will protect and secure the paver bricks.

The paver brick net allows for faster curing time of the bricks and substantially reduces the damage to paver bricks during the storage and shipping of product to the end user’s job sites. We product the products in clear or black resin, and now produce the most commonly requested sizes for ease of use at the production plants.

Depending on the needs of the customer we can supply material that ranges in thickness from as thin as 0.0470” to as thick as 0.150”. The material width range can be as narrow as 24” to as wide as 72”. We currently produce up to 6 different widths, that can be made into sheets or rolls, depending on the request. We continue to produce all of our material in a diamond pattern product for better stability and cost efficiency for the customer needs.

Industrial Brick Net

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