We specialize in manufacturing high-quality plastic extruded oyster bags and cultch bags, essential tools in modern aquaculture. Our products are meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of oyster farming, ensuring durability and superior performance.

Our oyster grow bags, are crafted for longevity while providing an optimal environment for oyster growth. Inhibitors are added for UV resistance to help ensure they are able to hold up to harsh marine conditions reducing the need for frequent replacement. The design of our oyster bags allows for excellent water flow and nutrient access, promoting healthy oyster development and maximizing yield.

In addition to oyster bags, we offer premium cultch bags that are perfect for supporting the settlement and growth of oyster spat. An aquaculture cultch bag is filled with a specific material that provides a hard surface for organisms, like oysters, mussels, and clams, to attach themselves and grow. By providing a larger surface area for spat to attach to, cultch bags can significantly increase the number of oysters that can be grown in a given area. These bags are typically deployed in areas where the natural cultch (rocks or shells) may be limited or unsuitable. Cultch bags are integral to the early stages of oyster farming, offering a secure and efficient method for spat collection and protection of your stock from predators and environmental conditions. The mesh design of our cultch bags ensures ample water circulation and aeration, which is crucial for the healthy development of young oysters at higher growth rates than on the bottom.

Aquaculture MasterNet Ltd
Aquaculture Net
Aquaculture Net

Roll Netting

MN30, MN136 XL, MN30B

Oyster/Shellfish Net Rolls Product code MN8-25NEW – 2000 Feet per roll & 18/pallet.

Oyster/Shellfish Net Rolls- Product code MN3-7 – 2,000 feet per roll & 18/pallet.

Oyster, Mussel, Clam & Geoduck Netting options – Product code MN3-7, MN8-25NEW or MN66 & MN48 – available in 2,000 to 4,757 foot rolls or precut bags in desired length with a clip seal.

Geoduck net tubes – ML84001

Aquaculture Net Geoduck Farm
Aquaculture Net Geoduck Farm

Oyster Grow Out Bags – Pillow Case Style

Available Sizes:

  • Diamond Size 4mm –  MN-L84904BC
  • Diamond Size 6 mm – MN-L84906BC
  • Diamond Size 9 mm – MN-L84909BC
  • Diamond Size 15 mm –MN –L84915BC
  • Diamond Size 18 mm – MN-L84918BC
  • Diamond Size 23 mm – MN-L84923BC

Choosing MasterNet, means investing in products that are designed with the aquaculture farmer in mind, offering ease of use, durability and superior performance.

By utilizing our high-quality oyster bags and cultch nets, you’ll enhance your aquaculture operations, ensuring healthier, more productive yields.

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