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MasterNet Ltd. is a family owned and operated company since 1988.

Since the Hartman family – Linda Duval, Paul Hartman and Steve Hartman – first opened the doors of MasterNet Ltd. in 1988, we have specialized as extruded netting manufacturers of all types of plastic netting, for diverse and demanding industries. Our Mississauga-based company began with one extruder purchased at an auction, along with a whole lot of dedication, enthusiasm and hard work.

In the course of our growth, we have significantly expanded our industrial netting capabilities, continually added capacity to our extrusion and conversion lines. And always with a focus on achieving world class manufacturing techniques and quality. The acquisition of the Vexar® division from Dupont Canada, has proven to further complement our business and product offering among our customers.

Our talented and highly capable team continues to push forward, with more spirit than ever to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Our Philosophy

We believe that manufacturing netting is a skilled art: one that can only be achieved through hands-on practice, dedication and the drive to succeed. Each industry we’ve tapped into, from produce to poultry and from automotive to aquaculture, has provided us with unique learning experiences. Committed to innovation and investment, we use these valuable insights to rethink our products and processes so that we can make them more efficient, cost competitive and above all, more environmentally friendly. Our philosophy centres around providing innovative netting solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards and customer expectations.

Environmental Commitment

Earth-Switch® Biodegradable Netting Technology that Works.

Many plastic products are eventually sent to landfill. With that in mind it became evident to MasterNet that offering a new safe technology within our product line would add value in fulfilling these end of life conditions. Several technologies were developed and tested, aligning with considerations on current national and international views as to what is considered safe. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has advised companies “that unqualified biodegradable claims are acceptable only if they have scientific evidence that their product will completely decompose within a reasonably short period of time (5 years) under customary methods of disposal.”

MasterNet has taken the position that many of the products we produce, as well as our competitor’s products will eventually end up in landfill and thus decided to pursue technologies which allowed our products to degrade without heat or oxygen, which is typical of landfill conditions, and leave behind no toxic components.

MasterNet’s Earth-Switch® Technology uses a proprietary additive in our products, producing plastic netting which will degrade underground in the absence of light, heat or oxygen and holds an indefinite shelf life with no underlying storage conditions. When compared to our standard netting, all mechanical properties of the netting are left unchanged, providing the customer with a robust finished product that is completely recyclable.




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