Keeping the air we breathe clean is important for multiple reasons. Allergens like pollen, dust and bacteria can get into our lungs and cause harm. That is why we manufacture a premium line of mono-planar and bi-planar filtration netting solutions that are suitable for media filter support and any other air and liquid filtration applications.

Our filtration netting, a filter net option, ensures high-performance in trapping contaminants.

A sample of the Premium Filtration options we manufacture:

  • Layflat Style Mesh
    – This style is optimal as a high temperature filtration medium, ensuring durability under extreme conditions.
  • Rigid Filter Tubes
    – Our rigid tubes serve effectively for structural mesh needs, maintaining shape under pressure.
  • Tubular Style Mesh
  • Respirator Mesh
  • Humidifier Mesh
  • Reverse Osmosis – More Details
Let Masternet Ltd. show you how our filtration products, including reverse osmosis membrane filters, can be integrated into your systems for cleaner air and liquids.