Construction Netting

We produce a full & wide range of Vexar® construction fencing, from lightweight economical fencing to heavy-duty airport fencing, all manufactured with UV stabilized resins. Vexar® products offer the ideal balance between lightness, flexibility and weatherability, and feature impressive strength-to-weight ratios. MasterNet’s Construction Fences are the most durable and cost-effective temporary fencing solution for short to medium term enclosures.

Our infrastructure-related nets, suitable for various industrial applications, include Wattle Net, Waste Water Management Netting and Warning Mesh. Our wattle net, part of our erosion control products, provides excellent sediment and erosion management. Warning Mesh identifies and protects underground services during excavation.

MasterNet Ltd. Construction Fencing Products

MasterNet produces the finest quality of fence products that are available on the market today and are proud to state that all diamond pattern fence is manufactured in our facility in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. For long term or short term applications, we manufacture a product for every need.

Advantages of using an extruded plastic fence:

  • Ease of installation (no stretching required)
  • UV stabilized resin for colour fastness and flexibility
  • Edges are cut on the intersection of each opening (diamond) for less raw edges of exposure
  • A true height and width of fence that is not a nominal size
  • Electrically non conductive
  • Stringently controlled production system for a uniform and consistent product
  • Multi-year life cycle
  • Cost efficient product for a much better return on your investment
  • For temporary installation, the product can be re-used for numerous applications for a greater cost savings

For details of our Fence Products by category:

Diamond Mesh FencingMore Details

Snow & Drift Control Fencing More Details


Infrastructure and Utilities:

  • Erosion Control Wattle Nets – More Details
  • Warning Mesh
  • Pipeline Protection
  • Lath Mesh
  • Industrial/Structural Mesh – More Details

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