MN-L88 “Heavy Duty Snow Fence”

This heavy duty version of snow fence, is an economical alternative for snow AND drift control, that can be re-used for years to come. It’s often used for applications that have a moderate snow accumulation and with its elongated rectangular design, it offers a better disruption to air flow which allows snow or dirt particles to drop in short distance, creating a controlled drift. The fence is produced with openings that are 1.75” x 3” with a height of 48” by 100’ orange rolls for better visibility and safety.

MN-L-BF “Light Weight Barrier Fence”

Our economical Barrier fence is an entry level version of a light weight fence that creates a visual warning barrier for job sites or protected areas that are temporary installations. A key component in our temporary fencing solutions. Made from HDPE resin, with UV stabilization, it is our most cost efficient product available today. This fence has a rectangular opening pattern of 1.25” by 2.5” with a height of 39” by 49’ long. This non conductive product is available in bright orange or green, making it an effective safety barrier fencing for public and private properties.

MN-L250/L300 “Drift Control Fence” and “Heavy Duty Drift Control Fence”

Originally designed by DuPont Canada to satisfy the most demanding requirements to reduce or eliminate drift control in high wind areas, the pattern of this fence product is very unique in its design. Extensive development has created a product that is superior to any other design on the market today for the ultimate control of blowing snow, sand, and dirt particles. The elongated tear-drop design disrupts maximum air flow for very controlled drift accumulation. Used along highways, beaches, shorelines, and mountain passes, it has proven to outperform any other product created. The openings are 2.5” x 3.75” with a fence height of 48” and 50’ roll lengths. This non conductive product is manufactured using HDPE resin, UV stabilized and flexible to -40C.

Our Drift Control Fence is tailored to meet industrial fencing needs, ensuring top performance even in the harshest conditions.

The MN-L300 version of the fence is thicker and heavier for the most extreme applications.

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