Cylinder Sleeves MasterNet Ltd

Specialized Engineered Industrial Netting Solutions for the most diverse and demanding industries.

Resin Infusion

Manufactured under world class testing procedures, our Resin Infusion Bi-Planar Netting is ideal for projects that require tight tolerance Bi-Planar strand size and aperture opening angle consistency.
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Cylinder Sleeves

Available in a wide array of colours, Protective Cylinder Netting Sleeves are designed to cover a large range of diameters, from small plastic tubes to the 4” medical cylinder to propane tanks of 30” or larger. Most custom colours are available upon request. More Details

Protection Net

Our Vexar® Engineered Protection Nets are made of tubular mesh plastic and are designed to protect precision ground parts, as well as items that have been machined, painted, coated or chromed. This product guards and protects against damage caused by nicking, chipping, scratching or abrasion during shipping or in-house handling. More Details

Structural Mesh

We proudly produce both low- and high-density polyethylene Flat Mesh Industrial Netting. This versatile product is primarily used for aquaculture and marine purposes, namely fin and shellfish applications, but it is also suitable for use in a variety of other industries and applications. Extruded in rolls and in a variety of sizes, these diamond mesh sheets are commonly used for cage and pen fabrication, fences and barriers, raceways, traps, trays and filtration. More Details


Sound Dampening Net

MasterNet manufacture various types of specialty protective mesh for the automotive industry. These nets are used on most spring silencer and latch assemblies to eliminate unwanted noise, rattling and vibration.

Paver & Tile Net

A secure and efficient netting used to package and transport paving blocks and bricks. Our Paver and Tile Net optimizes the curing process and offers protection against abrasion. More Details