We specialize in the manufacture of tubular Erosion Control (Fiber Roll) Wattle netting, while maintaining a strong commitment to the environment.

Wattle Net

Sediment Retention Fiber Roll (SRFR) Wattle Nets:

MasterNet is a leading provider of Fiber Roll / Wattle nets, supplying many straw wattle producers. These nets are made of high quality HDPE under very rigid production tolerances and are available for fiber rolls / wattles ranging from 6-24 inches in diameter.

Net Product Code Wattle Size Roll Length Rolls Per Pallet
MN8-25WA6 6″ 5000 ft 16
MN3-7WA8 6-8″ 3000 ft 12
MN3-7H4 9″ 2500 ft 12
MN3-7HWA10HH 9″ 3000 ft 12
MN3-7-10.5 9″ 3000 ft 12
MN-H8711E FHWA 9″ 3000 ft 12
MN-H80473 9″ 3000 ft 12 *
MN-H81447 12″ 3000 ft 12
MN3-7WA14 12″ 3000 ft 12
MN-H84173 12″ 2000 ft 12 *
MN-H8WA18 18″ 2000 ft 12
MN-H8WA20 18-20″ 2000 ft 12
MN-H8WA21 20″ 2000 ft 12
MN-H8WA24 22-24″ 2000 ft 12

* Small opening nets

We also produce and supply specialty nets like BIO-Green and BIOPH nets, which are made with specialty additives for environmentally sensitive and rapid-degrading applications.

Wattle Net
Wattle Net
Wattle Net Bio PH

You can be assured of meeting Erosion Control Industry requirements and DOT Specifications by using MasterNet Ltd. fiber roll / wattle netting. We also produce and supply nets that will achieve rapid degradation and environmentally sensitive applications. This includes netting that meets current FHWA and Army Core of Engineering specifications for 9 inch Straw Wattle netting.

MasterNet Ltd. is a member of both the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) as well as the Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC). For more technical information on Sediment Retention Fiber Roll (Wattle) Specifications and Installation guidelines please contact MasterNet Ltd.
Or click here for ECTC Sediment Retention Fiber Rolls (SRFRs) General Usage and Installation Guidelines PDF Document and Video.

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