Our heavy duty net is a staple of the shellfish industry, but it can be used for a number of different applications like packing firewood. The MN8-25 NEW is a strong, durable and economical alternative to packaging firewood for retail outlets. The net will easily fit over a 5 gallon pail and it will withstand the handling of stacking, transporting and carrying that is traditional of most firewood retail applications. From a cost standpoint it’s a very cost efficient alternative to the older style of drawstring sewn bags that are typically used for wholesale produce packaging.

Firewood Packaging Net

This product, like all of our net and mesh products, is manufactured in our facility in Mississauga, ON and shipped globally. We can typically have rolls ready for shipping in just a few days, instead of ordering months in advance by the container-load.

We produce nets that can be used for some very unique applications that make packaging and parts/portion control very efficient. Here is an auto parts re-cycler that packages auto parts with all the necessary components in a convenient bag sleeve for his customers and staff. This net, MN8-25NEW is also used in the shellfish industry along with the firewood industry.

Unique Net

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