We have been supplying the bird and pet industry with net bags for feed portioning as well as retail packaging for many years. From something as simple as a suet bag, to a combination of suet and seed bells, to antler pieces and smoked bones for dog treats. Commonly used nets for these applications range from our MN66, MN30 to our MN-LF (lay flat) bags. We can supply the product in rolls or pre-made bag form.

Animal Nest Protection Net

Along the shoreline of the eastern and southern seaboard, we supply a number of our products for the protection of sea turtle nests. A number of States have discovered that our industrial mesh and fence products works exceptional well at protecting the nest areas that are buried in the sand dunes along the Atlantic coast. It is not only a deterrent to animal predators but also a visual barrier for human traffic as well to avoid the nesting areas.

Turtle Nest

The industrial mesh or fence is available in a variety of diamond sizes and colors.

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