We produce nets that can be used for some very unique applications that make packaging and parts/portion control very efficient. Here is an auto parts re-cycler that packages auto parts with all the necessary components in a convenient bag sleeve for his customers and staff. This net, MN8-25NEW is also used in the shellfish industry along with the firewood industry.

Unique Net

Our Lay Flat Bag which is produced in a sealed bag form is used for air freshener beads as well as desiccant/silica gel pellets for moisture control in enclosed environments. The bags can be ordered in a variety of colors and sizes depending on the application. The bottom end of each bag is heat sealed during the production process for ease and convenience of filling each bag. Closure of the filled bag can be done with a heat seal machine or the attachment of a header card.

Layflat Bag

Lay Flat Bags are a product that have many common and unique applications.

We usually see the lay flat bag as a common form of packaging for pearl onions, garlic, ginger root or other produce items. However, we also make a special version of the lay flat bag for the transportation of live insects that are used in greenhouse applications to assist in pollination of plants and reducing the invasion of unwanted insects into the produce growing environment.

Layflat Bag