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Plastic mesh netting: An industry proven specialty packaging solution

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Essential packaging factors for consideration:

Shelf impact and product protection

Imagine a simple packaging solution so powerful it could elevate your product from ordinary to compelling on the retail shelf. This packaging method is the strategy that industry giants rely on for maximizing appeal and safeguarding quality… and by using it, gain a subtle but significant contribution to profits. We’re talking about plastic mesh netting.

There are a number of key benefits with plastic mesh netting you might not be aware of… but should be. Benefits that compound over time to give you real results on the top (and bottom!) line.


The packaging you use has an impact:

The mesh netting advantage

In the competitive world of retail, packaging isn’t just about protection — it’s about making a statement. Great packaging lets the visual appeal of the wrapped product stand out.

Mesh netting can be a packaging secret weapon (on a subliminal level), blending functionality with visual appeal. Other forms of packaging just can’t match netting. They either visually cover too much of the product, utilize far too much material, or reduce the life of the product.

Discover how mesh netting can boost your product presentation, safety, and quality, while also reducing spoilage.


Breathability and visibility:

The dual powers of mesh netting

Oyster Bags in IceNetting utilized in seafood packaging and placed over ice, conveys the image of freshness.

Fruits and seafood are vibrant and inviting, showcased through clear, breathable mesh netting.

Practically speaking, the breathable nature of mesh netting ensures proper airflow, thereby extending the shelf life of perishable items.

But this isn’t just about “freshness”, nor making products stand out; it’s about speaking directly to consumers’ desires for quality and freshness.

By stoking those desires, you will sell more product. And that translates into more sales and a bigger bottom line.

Mesh netting offers a peek into product quality, all while maintaining that crucial freshness longer, thanks to its breathability. Plus, it subtly discourages unnecessary handling, keeping those blemishes at bay and reducing waste.

Next, let’s explore the considerable ability of mesh netting to prevent breakage, even though it has the lowest mass and takes up the least space of any other type of packaging.


Bottle netting:

Beverage protection with hidden benefits

various liquor bottles in mesh nettingIn the bustling beverage industry, bottle netting stands as a revolutionary solution, especially for glass-encased drinks.

From fine wines and premium spirits to artisanal concoctions and flavored waters, the risk of breakage is a constant concern.

At its most basic, plastic mesh provides a cushioning layer, reducing the risk of breakage and minimizing damage during handling.

But bottle sleeve netting can also convey a more upscale product offering, by giving the perception of protecting containers that have higher value contents. It’s a subtle nod to luxury, cradling high-value beverages in a way that suggests premium care and quality.

And it’s not just about safety and quality perception; these nets are a canvas for creativity, offering brands the chance to weave their identity and branding directly into the packaging design and colors.

Psychologically speaking, pushing the emotional “quality” drivers of consumers makes them see the products as having better value, and subliminally drives more purchases. “Quality” packaging translates to the belief that what’s IN the package is a quality product… driving more sales. That translates to the top line and profits, as higher prices can be charged for similar costing products (all else being equal).

But what about the common objection of “plastic” being non-environmentally friendly? Let’s address that issue head-on.


Eco-friendly packaging:

Mesh netting’s role in sustainable practices

In today’s world, where sustainability is more than a buzzword, MasterNet’s mesh netting stands out as a game-changer.

MasterNet’s eco-friendly mesh netting is breaking the mould of traditional packaging by being reusable, recyclable, and even biodegradable.

Choosing mesh netting means taking a bold step towards environmental stewardship, significantly cutting down on plastic waste and reducing your carbon footprint. Depending upon your mesh design for diamond opening, strand and knot thickness, the amount of plastic used versus a film bag could be substantially reduced.

With proper consumer education and communication, you can position mesh netting on the positive side of environmental challenges. And once consumer’s fears are allayed, all the other benefits of mesh netting become more “front-of-mind” for your customers.



The cost-saving advantage of mesh netting

Onions in mesh netting packagingMesh netting stands as a uniquely adaptable solution in the packaging world, perfectly molding to any product’s shape and size – from the tiniest berries to the largest melons, and even the most irregularly shaped items.

Its customization doesn’t stop at fit; it extends to mesh sizes, colours, and the ability to weave in branding, all aimed at crafting a standout consumer experience.

Beyond just aesthetics, mesh netting’s adaptability significantly streamlines the packaging process, potentially lowering operational costs by reducing excess material use and optimizing packaging efficiency. In addition, inventory storage space requirements of mesh netting provide cost savings: simply put, you need less space to store mesh netting than other types of bulk packaging.


From garlic netting to gourmet:

Niche applications of mesh netting

Mesh netting stretches its capabilities far beyond traditional packaging, venturing into specialized niches with remarkable cost-saving and revenue enhancing effects.

Take the simple garlic bulb, often nestled in mesh for enhanced shelf life and flavor preservation, thanks to mesh’s ability to prevent moisture accumulation. This principle extends to the delicacies of the gourmet world, where artisan cheeses and cured meats thrive within mesh’s breathable embrace. This ensures both freshness and quality are maintained to the highest standard.

If you think creatively, many more retail packaging tactics will come to mind.


Mesh netting:

More than just a stretchy net

In wrapping up, plastic mesh emerges as more than a packaging option; it’s a tactical business advantage, enhancing visibility, protecting products, and aligning with green initiatives – all contributing positively to both top-line growth and bottom-line profits.

Mesh netting stands out for its blend of innovation and practicality, promising substantial benefits for those who adopt it.


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